Networks : Internet, Wifi

Depending of capabilities of the Android mobile phone that runs In-Hand VNC, it is possible to connect to a VNC server either through an Internet connection or a Wifi connection.

Selection of the network is automatically performed by Android runtime. For that purpose, the IP address to be reached is used as well as the available networks.

Two points have to be mentioned that concern bandwidth and communication stability.

Firstly preference should be given to parameters that require less data bandwidth :

  • The 8 bits color mode would be preferred to the 24 bits color mode if quality of the remote screen display is acceptable.
  • An encoding mode based either on data compression (zrle, zlib, zlibhex) or on a sophisticated algorithm (hextile, tight) would be preferred to raw methods (raw, copyrect, rre, corre) since less data transfer will be done between the VNC server and client.
Communication stability has also to be mentioned, in particular for Wifi connections.

Stability is dependent of :

  • Distance between hot spot and Android mobile phone
  • Hardware quality of the mobile phone
Data received and sent by In-Hand VNC can be monitored at any time by clicking the "Information" button on the Menu bar that is available in zoom and move modes as shown below :

Displayed values are constantly changing. If they don't change, it means that the network link is of bad quality and often suspended.