In-Hand VNC
is a VNC client. It is used to display the screen of a remote computer and to transfer files to and from remote computers.

This VNC viewer has been conceived to make easy and practice the access to a remote computer screen from a mobile phone. It works with most VNC servers (no new installation needed at server side).

In-Hand VNC works on Android mobile phones (1.0 runtime or greater).

If your computer is connected to the net, access it everywhere with In-Hand VNC and an Android mobile phone to work and to transfer files.


In-Hand VNC functions are :
  • Display of the remote computer screen with zoom and move functions
  • Remote Mouse and Keyboard control
  • Position bookmarks to navigate easily on the remote screen from a mobile phone
  • Screen capture
  • Transfer file (download and upload, for UltraVNC and TightVNC servers)
  • Recording of action sequences

Advanced functions are :

  • Selection of the encoding method from : raw, copyrect, rre, hextile, zrle, corre, zlib, tight, zlibhex
  • Selection of the color mode from : 8 bits, 16 bits, 24 bits, color map
  • Proxy setting


In-Hand VNC connects to a remote computer running a VNC server. It has been tested with UltraVNC and TightVNC servers. It would also work with any VNC server accepting at least version 3.3 of RFB protocol.

  • Have a look at the quick tour for a five minutes overview of In-Hand VNC.
  • Consult the "Menu" entries to get a detailed user manual and to find answer to most questions.
  • Get the demo software from the Android market (all functionalities but a server connection time limited to 3 minutes).
  • Get the software from the Android market (keyword : VNC).